What Is a Combustion Analysis and Why Is It Required?
combustion analysis

Combustion analysis measures how efficiently a heating system burns its fossil fuel while running. You can achieve greater efficiency and reduced fuel costs when conducted during a regularly scheduled HVAC proactive maintenance program. This translates into money saved, and tenants made comfortable. 

Why Schedule a Combustion Analysis?

A combustion analysis is used to test the combustion process of boilers and furnaces. Three elements must work together to produce the fire needed to heat the system. They include heat, oxygen, and fuel. These elements must be in a specific ratio to burn efficiently. If not, fuel is wasted, and the system’s longevity compromised. Here are some reasons why you should ensure your preferred HVAC company completes combustion analysis as required:

  1. Safety: During the combustion process, Carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2) are produced that can be harmful and even fatal. With a properly performed combustion analysis, unbalanced gas ratios can be detected, and the system can be adjusted to create sufficient oxygen (O2) and minimal or zero CO and CO2 emissions. It also provides validation of the safety of the equipment before and after servicing, commissioning, or winterizing.
  2. Optimal efficiency: A properly tuned and maintained system will run at a higher efficiency and requires less energy resulting in lower fuel expenses. 
  3. Reducing pollution: Municipalities and jurisdictions have regulations on the levels of combustion and by-product gases allowed. A combustion analysis helps ensure your equipment maintain the allowable limits.
  4. Manufacturer’s warranties. Manufacturers of boilers and furnaces put a lot of time, money, and effort into building equipment that will last and is energy efficient. They are willing to back their products with warranties. However, if things get out of order that regular maintenance and analysis could have prevented, it may void a warranty.
  5. Longevity of equipment. HVAC systems come with hefty price tags. Ensuring they run properly through regular maintenance, including combustion analysis, helps keep them running for years, ensuring you get the most use out of your investment.

Have Regular Combustion Analysis Completed by a Reliable HVAC Company 

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