Property Management Commercial Heating Basics
Property Management Commercial Heating Basics

When you are responsible for a series of buildings or condominiums, your days are spent constantly juggling tenant requests. If you are part of a full-service property management company, you have a long list of items to manage. One moment, you may show a unit to a potential client, and the next, you are collecting rent payments from another. Between screening new tenants and responding to repair requests, it can be challenging to handle routine maintenance on commercial heating systems without a schedule and help from a trusted HVAC company backing you up.


Types of Property Maintenance for Management Companies

Knowing what needs to be done around the property is only half the battle. You also must decide what types of maintenance your staff can do and what you will outsource to a qualified heating company. In general, you and your team will face three types of property maintenance:

  1. Planned or regular maintenance: These are frequent or minor in nature and can often be handled by on-site staff. The goal is to keep equipment and appliances running smoothly to extend their useful life. While you may feel comfortable swapping out furnace filters, a qualified HVAC technician should complete routine cleaning and maintenance. They will check belts, bearings, and coils, cleaning and oiling as they go along.
  2. Corrective maintenance: You will run across non-emergency items in need of repair. These differ from emergency repairs. They are generally low priority as they do not cause excessive inconvenience to the tenants or put them in harm’s way. These maintenance items need addressing quickly, but they don’t have to be handled at 2 AM.
  3. Emergency maintenance: Inevitably, the 2 AM call will be an emergency. For example, a water pipe bursts and spews water. The coldest winter night might happen to be when a furnace acts up by shutting down. These kinds of maintenance items are emergency in nature; they affect the tenant’s well-being and business. These are the times having professional contractors on your speed dial comes in handy.

Partner with a Reliable HVAC Company to Handle Your Heating Needs

Stay on top of all your maintenance needs when you enlist the services of a dependable heating and air conditioning company. TRI-AIR’s team of knowledgeable technicians can handle all your routine, corrective, and emergency HVAC maintenance needs. With our scheduled maintenance program, we will assess your system and address any repair or maintenance items to give your system the longest extended life possible. We can handle all your commercial heating and cooling needs, including installation. Learn more about us and how you can benefit from our over 40 years of experience in the commercial HVAC field. Take the stress of HVAC upkeep and tenants’ midnight emergency calls off your plate when you partner with us.

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