Keep Your Office Temperatures Comfortable
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4 Suggestions for Keeping Office Temperatures Comfortable All Year Long

Productivity is vital to a business’s success. This is accomplished through various means, such as planners, apps, software, and daily meetings. Another area that aids employees’ regular productive mode is the atmosphere within the office. It’s not just the work culture. It’s also the temperature within offices. When a receptionist needs a space heater under their desk during July, there may be an issue with your HVAC systems.

4 Steps to Keep an Office Building Comfortable No Matter the Season

If the front office needs space heaters to warm up during August, but the back rooms need fans, it’s time to address some issues and use these tips:

  1. View Your History of Energy Use: If you are in charge of paying the utility bills, you have an idea of the general usage. Now is an excellent time to gather the last 18-24 months of statements together and look for spikes in energy consumption. This audit will give you an idea of the seasons where your HVAC system struggles the most.
  2. Change Out Filters: Heating and air systems rely on airflow for efficient use. Dirty, clogged filters prevent air movement and cause the unit to use more energy with less than desirable results. At a minimum, filters need replacing every three months. Some offices may benefit from monthly swap-outs.
  3. Seal Leaks in Heating and Cooling Ducts: Have your preferred commercial HVAC company come in and assess the ducts. If they are leaking, the technician can seal them up and prevent air loss.
  4. Invest in Programmable Thermostats: Offices are generally not occupied during the evening and night hours. Why heat or cool the area at the same temperature as during the day? A programmable thermostat can help regulate the temperature instead of causing huge spikes and dips, making employees and visitors uncomfortable.

The Advantages of a Scheduled Preventative Maintenance Program

It’s possible to take all the above steps and still have temperature issues. Utilizing the services of a trusted commercial HVAC company ensures you get more from your system and have happier tenants, employees, and visitors:

  • Equipment Lifespan Extended: Regular maintenance keeps your HVAC system running smoothly with lubricated motors and bearings. Additionally, the maintenance crew will clean coils, repair components, and change filters.
  • Reduce the Need for Repairs: A qualified technician will find issues that need fixing now to reduce the need for an expensive repair later. 
  • Lower Utility Bills: A properly maintained system will work efficiently with regularity.

Depend on a Qualified Office HVAC Company
Know your offices will remain comfortable when you consult with TRI-AIR Systems. Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians can assess your units, handle any repairs, and keep things working smoothly. Look to us for all your commercial and industrial HVAC needs. We can maintain, service, and install new units. Put our decades of experience to the test when you contact us today.  

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