Heating Functions to Consider in the Healthcare Industry
Heating Functions to Consider in the Healthcare Industry

Hospitals, doctor offices, and medical laboratories play a vital role in the community. They work to heal their patients, perform life-saving surgeries, and process specimens for accurate diagnoses. Each area within medical buildings requires different comfort settings. Operating rooms need cooler air to prevent potential infection. Patients appreciate warm rooms to discuss their medical histories and current symptoms. Then there is all the sensitive equipment used in surgery rooms and laboratories that require specific temperatures all year long. When you have a high-quality, energy-efficient heating and air conditioning system, your facility’s air is cleaner, patients and staff are more comfortable, and equipment functions correctly. Retaining an experienced HVAC company to maintain and repair your commercial-grade heating system will ensure everyone is happy.


What a Trusted HVAC Company Looks for in Your Heating System

Maintaining air comfort for the many different departments within a medical facility can be challenging. Understanding a few key components of your heating system will aid you in having a pleasant building. You do have some key considerations to keep in mind and having a reliable heating company come alongside should be a great relief. Here are three areas they will review and offer suggestions for your consideration:

    1. Filtration options: No doubt, a hospital or doctor’s office is a place where visitors bring in germs. You want to ensure the air is clean. That is where your dependable heating company comes in handy. They will review the layout of your building and offer suggestions to filter out unwanted particles, including high-quality HEPA filters. 
    2. Proper air ventilation: Besides filtering, inside air needs to be circulated and replaced with fresh air from outside. If not, you risk increasing germ growth from stale air. You need a system that will pull outside air in. Then, it needs to push that air through the facility to ensure fresh airflow. Working with a qualified company is a wise move for clean air throughout offices, labs, waiting rooms, and cafeterias. 
    3. Effective zone control: Because each area, office, and lab has its own needs, it can be challenging to control them effectively. Look to a licensed technician to get you the zone control you seek. With a properly installed system, you can have the zone control available to give each lab, operating room, and patient room the desired comfort and what is required. 

Provide Facility-Wide Comfort – Choose a Reliable HVAC Company

Protect the visitors, patients, and staff that come through your healthcare building’s doors by enhancing filtration, ventilation, and zone control. When you work with TRI-AIR, you get the support of knowledgeable technicians capable of handling all your maintenance, installation, and emergency HVAC maintenance needs. Not only can we set you up with an excellent air control system, but with our scheduled maintenance program, we can address any repair or maintenance items before they affect everyone inside. Give us a call to learn more today!


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